You gotta begin somewhere

In this day and age YouTube is an emerging band’s best friend, the majority of Ancient Bards’ fans discovered us thanks to a random click on our video, found on the related videos column. When we started playing together things went fast, at the time Daniele had already composed the basics of almost 3 albums, we participated in some contests in order to realize what was our impact on the public, if we were convincing on stage; we recorded The Alliance Of The Kings, sent the master to some labels and before we knew it we had a record deal with Limb Music and Products. At that point we knew that it was essential to shoot a video of our most catchy song, but we didn’t have the experience, or the money, so we managed to do things the best way we could and, with a couple of friends, we made the video for The Birth Of Evil. “Cheesy” is the most used word by the users in the comment section, are they right? Well of course they are, look at us! Do we regret or feel ashamed of what we did? NO!

You gotta begin somewhere, and we started right there, in a grotto with inadequate lighting, clumsy miming, bad hairstyles and odd shots. That was US in 2009.

It’s a step you have to go through if you’re the new band in town, if you don’t have anybody to bankroll you and your project; being mocked a little is the price we pay for having the satisfaction of knowing that we made it all on our own. We still are confused and surprised though, because that badly treated video currently has more than 1.100.00 views! Consider that it’s not even on our channel, but on the one of the guy who made it for us (he’s the one who wrote “zero-budget” on the description box, the choice of writing that unhappy detail wasn’t ours), if it was on my channel I would probably change the preview image lol. With that being said I would like to thank all of our fans: we love you, without your amazing support we wouldn’t be able to grow and get better, so we promise that if you keep on loving us we’ll do our best to provide you not only with good songs, but also with good related media! 😉

People always point out what they hate about something, how about you tell me what you like about the video? I’m very curious, be original and funny, I’m always ready for a good laugh at myself!
Take a look at it one more time to refresh your memory:

Hugs, take care