Being one of the girls

Getting ready for a photo shoot or a concert is fun, I enjoy very much putting my make up on, it takes a lot of time to do it right and, honestly, I’m not even close to being as good as real makeup artists, but I try my best!
I’m often told:

Hey Sara, you look ok without any makeup, you don’t need it!

First of all: THANK YOU, that’s a nice lie to tell! (Lol, just kidding!). The thing is, makeup isn’t necessarily something girls use to cover flaws or to feel more confident and sexy, sometimes we just enjoy the ritual! It’s a moment when we take care of ourselves, we spoil ourselves. As for me, even when I do try to enhance my looks to make my best features stand out, I usually do it for myself, and not because I fear people won’t like me barefaced. Sometimes I go out with no makeup at all and I look really washed out, but I’m fine with it.

Here’s a tip for you: when your girlfriend or wife has spent like an hour doing her makeup, tell her she’s beautiful and not “oh honey, I like you without makeup”, if you want to compliment her tell her “Look how beautiful you are, even without makeup!” when she’s actually not wearing any! A girl should be free to decide whether to wear makeup or not, it should be her choice and not something she feels she owes to someone else.
What do you think girls? Are you with me?