TBCSS: S01E01 – Prelude


On www.ancientbards.com, in the download section, you can find the guidelines and all the stuff you need to know about the story we deliver on our albums, but I thought that it would have been nice to break down the story and divide it into episodes, each one corresponding to a song, and add some details and curiosities, if there are any.
The Alliance of the Kings is our season 01, Prelude our pilot.

The story

The story takes place in an ancient world named Lastworld which is divided in four wide lands: Westland, Northdesert, Blind Mountains and Icy Forest. These great lands have always lived in peace and harmony thanks to their fair and wise sovereigns:
Daltor, Alron, Rahed and Shena.

Drawing by Samuele Marini

Daltor Stone (26) is the king of Westland, he became king at a very young age, after his father was found hanged. His had to grow up fast, he was an orphan 16 years old king, as his mother died too after giving birth to his sister. He dedicated his life to hunting dragons since he was a child and he became a valorous warrior thanks to his Silver Sword inherited from his father. He’s tough and secretive, but always ready to help his people.

Alron Bleed (31) is the sovereign of Northdesert. He succeeded to the throne of Sendor. It’s the Magical Rod itself that choses its own holder. When Sendor unexpectedly disappeared, Alron was only 15. His nature is open and gleeful as if he’s still a teenager.

Rahed Ward (105) is chief elf of Blind Mountains, owner of Gold Bow. The elves settled on the high Blind Mountains since the beginning of times to stay away from wars and conflicts. Due to his age Rahed is wise, thoughtful and steady.

Shena Flow (36) is the queen of Icy Forest and keeper of the Ring of white magic. The Kerims are close people, they cherish the pureness of their race and their way of life, nobody ever wanted to have relations with the other people of Lastworld.

Drawing by Samuele Marini
Drawing by Samuele Marini

Dorus (16): he’s a stranger, nobody knows anything about him, he’s just the guy ho brought the bad news to Daltor.

Sendor Tains (40) was once the sovereign of Northdesert. He was a fair king, always ready to stand for his people. After his sudden disappearance his memory was lost in silence. Something must have changed. His name came back thundering in the words of the young Dorus bringing his revelation…

Beyond these four main lands reigns the unknown, beyond the extreme boundaries of the main lands there’s a place of mystery and darkness, everybody called it Noland, the land of no-one. But someone does actually live there: Sendor the dark wizard!
Since ancient times, when history became legend and legend turned into a lost memory, the four kings where the guardians of four magic weapons: the Silver Sword (Daltor), the ancient Rod holding all the power of black magic (Alron), a Bow made of gold (Rahed ), and the Ring holding the powers of white magic (Shena).


The story I’m about to tell you,
happened long ago,
in a land far from here
It is not yet time for you to know about its genesis…

Until that moment Lastworld,
seemed to be surrounded by eternal peace,
but nothing lasts forever…

the supreme dark wizard,
came to know about the existence of a mysterious
sword that gave its holder Absolute Power:

immortal life,
unbelievable strength
and knowledge of all magic.

Noone knew about the sword
except the four kings
from the four corners of the world.
The sword had been hidden in the Dark Cave, in Noland,

under the cover of darkness,
and locked in a hidden place
that could only be opened
if the four weapons of the four kings were revealed before it.

The existence of the sword was kept secret for its enormous power. This is the story of the Black Crystal Sword.

I hope you enjoy and find it interesting! Let’s see if I can manage to make it a daily appointment.
See ya


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  • Credits
– All drawings made by the talented Samuele Marini, maro-91@hotmail.it
– Guidelines written by Sara Squadrani
– The Black Crystal Sword Saga written by Daniele Mazza
– All Lyrics used by kind permission of Limb Music Publishing, Germany.
All Rights reserved.