TBCSS: S02E06 – Valiant Ride

It’s time to shed light on this story, the kings and Dorus penetrate deeper and deeper into Noland, a place so enigmatic and inaccessible that seems to belong to another dimension. The wound of Daltor’s loss is still open and their sense of duty has now formed a bond with a profound thirst for revenge, theys are determined to get quickly to the castle where it is said Sendor lives, on an island at the center of the Dead Sea. Alron, as the successor of Sendor, knows the story of a mad old soothsayer who, for some reason, was exiled from by the dark wizard himself many years ago; he lives as a hermit in a hut and for sure will have some clue on how to reach the island.

The kings run down the gentle slope of a hill and spot a cabin under a huge redwood tree. There’s no need to knock on the door because, as soon as the reach it, it opens and out comes an old, thin and curved man, with silver hair and a long rod skillfully inlaid, who says to the group: “I know what you came her to ask, I know what you wanna do. But I’m not sure I wanna help you. ”
Dorus, impatient and irritated answers: “What? If you really knew the reason why we’re here you wouldn’t give us such a stupid answer. Speak up, you fool!”
“I’ve been alive for a long time, I serve my sentence in solitude and perhaps it would be better to vanish with all of creation, rather than fail and cause again the anger of the dark lord.”

Shena, with her eyes full of sympathy says: “Please, my good man, I understand your fears but don’t be blind, think about all the wonderful things that will cease to exist, think about all those innocent people who don’t know that these could be their last hours of peace, think about the children … ”
Rahed interrupts her: “When everything is done you will be reinstated in our society.”
Old man: “No, I don’t care, my life is here” – he pauses, stares at his feet and then says: “Ok I will help you, but be aware that you won’t succeed. Bring me good and hearty food and I’ll give you the instructions to get to the island.”
Dorus and Rahed go hunting while the old man rips up a strand of fabric from his robes and draws a map on it: “Here, you will find a jetty with a small raft, paddle straight toward the west and soon you will see the island on the horizon.”

As soon as the hunters return and hand two tasty preys to the man, the kings immediately march towards the jetty, they lost enough precious time. The map is correct, they get to a pier where there’s a raft as expected; the water is sticky and black, rain is pouring down and there’s a nauseating smell, as if air itself is suggesting our heroes to give up, to go away and never look back, but they keep rowing.
Landing on the island, the kings find themselves in front of a creepy scene, a distorted nature, the very breath of the plants screams pain while the sap flows in like a gasp. On the shore there is a mountain thrown on the sand: it’s White Dragon, the proud guardian of the Dark Cave, another victim probably guilty of fulfilling his duty as a sentinel.

The kings are upset and can’t understand how a human being could ever voluntarily choose to live in this hellish place, it is an unjustifiable self-inflicted punishment, too strict even for the most disgusting sinner. But the heroes must banish these thoughts from their head quickly, because their mission is important and as long as they have their weapons in their hands they will be able to face any danger, whatever it may be.


[Alron] Here we are, this little army
will defeat the evil Sendor
he lives on an island on the Dead Sea
in a castle of horror and grief

Down the hill there is a cabin
there we’ll find an old mad man
he will give us the map to where we must go
in exchange for a quail and a boar

Hurry my friends there’s no time to hesitate

Now the map is leadin’ our way
to a pier where there’s a raft
and a small piece of wood to use as an oar
oh get ready to row to the sea

We’re on board, the water’s smelly
it’s like all the fish are rotten
the waves hit the old tub making us sway
and it is also starting to rain

Hurry my friends there’s no time to hesitate

[The Group] For as long as we know how to use our weapons
there’s nothing that can destroy our force
For as long as we know how to stay together
there’s no man or demon that can frighten us!

[Storyteller] Approaching the shore
Thunders, bolts, raging wind and pouring rain
short earthquakes shake the ground beneath their feet

[Shena] This place is hell
how can someone live here?
It’s a place with no soul
it’s a place of despair
I wonder how a man can cope with this loneliness
it is way too much
ever for the darkerst sinner

[The Group] For as long as we know how to use our weapons
there’s nothing that can destroy our force
For as long as we know how to stay together
there’s no man or demon that can frighten us!

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  • Credits
– Guidelines written by Sara Squadrani
The Black Crystal Sword Saga written by Daniele Mazza
– All Lyrics used by kind permission of Limb Music Publishing, Germany.
All Rights reserved.