Metal Female Voices Fest XII

Last weekend we went to Belgium and played at Metal Female Voices Fest: if a 16 hour drive is what it takes to have such an amazing experience then give us all the kilometers you have, we’ve been largely rewarded for every ounce of sleep we didn’t take and all the backache! Well let’s not get carried away now, we wouldn’t mind an airplane, driving has been pretty tough, but at least watching the landscape changing outside the window was nice, I loved the autumn colors all around… plus, someone once told us we never paid our dues…

We got a chance to stroll around the streets of Bruxelles and we thought it was beautiful, we even ended up walking into a bois” in complete darkness… now that I think about it, what was that? How did we get there? I’m confused…
Again, it was awesome meeting new and old fans, the love and the warmth you bring us is priceless and always leave us speechless, thank you!
I think I took like a hundred pictures with you guys, maybe I was tired and looked like I had a palsy, but it was well worth holding up.
Thank you again everyone on behalf of the other bards too, we hope to see you again, maybe at one of the shows of our A New Dawn Ending Tour? 😉


See ya folks!