These are a few of my favorite things – April

Wow guys, are you actually saying that APRIL IS ENDING? Where did time go? I guess I’ve been so busy time flew by even faster and I didn’t write any new blog post this month… I’m the worst! Well at least I should try to keep up with this monthly bit. March’s favorites were quite “technological”, what kind of things did I like this month? Read on and find out!



This is by far my number one favorite, if you follow some “beauty gurus” on YouTube you’ll probably have heard of this already, I’m talking about the magic Tangle Teezer. I love it because it’s a special detangling hairbrush that eliminates every tangle in your hair, without any pulling or yanking. I’m telling you, it’s amazing, my hair is very long and a bit dry right now, it gets messy pretty easily, but with this teezer I can tame it in no time without any damage. One more thing that I like about it is that I received it as a gift from someone I hold a special place in my heart for. My blonde locks say thank you and hail to the Tangle Teezer!


Speaking of gifts, my mom noticed I had an attraction for every letter necklace I saw in the shop windows, I don’t know why but I’ve always liked them. I wear my little S pendant in my gold chain all the time, but I was attracted to those huge ones I was seeing lately so… she bought me one! It was really nice of her and, again, this adds immense value to what is just a piece of metal. Look how pretty it is! Thanks mom <3
Oh and yes, Coca Cola t-shirt, I can’t drink it but hell, I can wear it! Of course the placement screams “Milk is for losers, this is what my future kids are gonna drink!” LOL.



Ok, one of my obsessions in life is nail polish. I mean, it’s not something I rationally choose, it’s just that I can’t, I can’t live without my nails painted. There has been a time, a long period actually, a few years ago, when I was very stressed out and didn’t feel good so my nails were weak as heck and didn’t grow, because they would break all the time. It was during that time that I realized I had a problem, it bothered me to look at my hands and see short, uncolored nails. Don’t worry, I think I’m weird too. Now my nails are fine and I can go crazy with all the colors of the rainbow, and now that spring is here (more or less… I’m talking to you, rain!!) I found the perfect corally shade, Cha Cha Cherry from Layla Cosmetics‘ gel polish. Since I have this obsession I almost never use normal lacquers, but semipermanent ones, which last up to 3-4 weeks. Hands and feet always on fleek!


Casey Neistat is an amazing film maker, I’ve been following him for a while on YouTube and he makes some pretty nice movies. The first video I’ve ever seen was the one where he’d organized a road trip with this ex girlfriend to make up with her, it was so nice, sweet and crazy too. He has a very raw aesthetic taste, he’s neat, tidy, super organized but at the same time he’s rough and clunky. I find Casey very interesting man, not only because of his talent in film making, but for his attitude in life too. Casey lately started vlogging and his vlogs are great! Not only he makes you fall in love with New York City every day with the most stunning shots and the most breathtaking time lapses you’ll ever see, he also gives you pills of his weltanschauung, of the way he sees life and work, and I can assure you it is utterly charming, inspiring and smart. Here’s one of the many quotes from his videos I liked:

I think the essence of hard work is one that’s pretty straightforward. You’ll never be the best looking, you’ll never be the tallest, most talented, or most capable, you’ll never have the most money and there will always be someone who’s better at whatever you’re doing than you are… but you can always be the hardest working person in the room and I think the hardest working person will always win.


Yay! Game Of Thrones is finally back and I couldn’t leave it out of the favorites of the month! Although the other day I was thinking about which was my favorite character and I couldn’t find an answer in my heart. I don’t wanna risk spoiling the story for anyone, but we all know by now you can’t really get attached to ANY character, because you know, they tend to die, and all of them at some point have made something disappointing, have taken decisions acting differently from what you thought was their nature. Do you feel the same? Is there really anyone you are specifically rooting for in Westeros? I know a few people from Westland, from a whole other story, and they seem to be far more coherent, don’t you think? 😀
Anyway, I think I would have to choose little Arya right now, followed by Brienne. And you? Who’s your favorite?


On April 25th 2014 we were able to share with the world for the first time our latest album, A New Dawn Ending! It’s nice to see how much we’ve grown since then and we’re amazed every day by the support we’re getting from our fans all over the world. We are working for you guys, stick with us and we’ll all have a blast!

Big hugs everyone,
take care!