Content property and naivety

This morning I got a message from a dear friend of mine saying that YouTube’s video discovery system had created a channel about me (#SaraSquadrani). I didn’t know YT did that, I started wandering around and it looks like it contains a few videos of me and Ancient Bards taken from various other channels. Then something in the related videos column caught my eye: the preview image inevitably told me it was the video I had made in December to wish my fans a happy Christmas and holidays.

Now, I was very surprised to see that someone had taken the liberty to put it on youtube, since I only uploaded it on my Facebook page and I did that for a reason. The video has an extremely low quality, it lags, both video and sound are crappy because it was an impromptu recording, I didn’t prepare it, I just pressed record on the webcam. So it came out silly and playful, I don’t take myself very seriously as you can see, so I uploaded it on my page as I thought my fans would know me and take it in the right way. And they did, they loved the video, and they understood its spirit.

Now, maybe I’m more sensitive to this matter than I should be, but I’m confused and floored by the freedom people take on the internet. I mean I’m sure the guy who uploaded the video did it with good intentions, he probably didn’t think he was doing something wrong, but if the video wasn’t on YouTube there was a reason or more than one. Not to mention that if the video really has to be on YouTube it should be on my channel, ‘cause that’s my face, my message.

Photographers get robbed of their photos all the time, they’re the one who should be mad… I’m not mad, let’s be clear, I just don’t understand stuff like this, and maybe I’m just being naive, thinking I can put things on the internet hoping people will respect their property, the fact that they’re mine, that I made them and decided to share them through my social media.

Sometimes webzines and blogs make articles about me and then, instead of using official photos that picture me in the role of singer, the publish pictures I don’t even know where they got. I’m very private about my life, I don’t feel comfortable when strangers peek into it and this is the reason why I no longer answer to friends request on my personal Facebook profile unless they’re from someone I actually know. This also makes me feel like a b*tch, but if you’re someone who asked for my friendship please know that it’s nothing personal, it’s just my way to keep my little world safe.

Aaaanyway I just wanted to let this out and tell you that I have uploaded the video on my own channel, even if it’s Christmas themed and we’re definitely out of season. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I fear people’s judgement, but you know, when I wanna tell the world I’m a dork I’d prefer doing it in style! Maybe next time 😀

Thank you for stopping by,
take care!