These are a few of my favorite things – August

Hello folks! Summer’s almost over, how have you been doing? I hope you got to do a lot of fun stuff, see loads of concerts and took time to relax deeply. I had a very nice summer, I enjoyed some time with my loved ones and chilled to fully recharge my batteries in preparation for the next exciting winter!


On a fantastic, sunny, and very hot day I went hiking along the Ridracoli Lake, a beautiful place in the Apennines not far from where I live. This lake is actually artificial, as there’s a big dyke you can walk onto that creates a barrier that holds all the water that is then abducted and put into the water main. It’s basically the same water that comes out of my faucet every day and it’s delicious (although we receive water from the Marecchia River too, but what do you care?). In the summer there’s a huge demand of water and since it almost never rained the lake is going down by one centimeter per hour, you can see from the picture the actual level it’s supposed to be in the winter, where the vegetation starts. We took a short walk in the woods around the lake and we saw a lot of really cute fallow deers running around with their babies, adorable! We arrived at a little mountain shelter that can only be reached on foot where we had booked a table and we had some really good tagliatelle there. We chilled laying on the grass, enjoying the fauna and the clean air, then we got back to the dyke with a slooow boat ride on the lake. Such a nice day!


I pride myself on having an incredibly talented friend, a person with great sensitivity and an exceptional feel for communicating feelings and emotion through his playing, Maestro Davide Tura. I attended a special concert this summer, Davide played at a camping in the woods and it was just magical. The fresh air, the dark, the notes, everything was perfect and relaxing, the atmosphere Davide created was unique and I’ll never thank him enough for making me feel that good. He is a classical pianist and performs everything from Bach to Chopin, but he also has his own take on modern music and is an excellent composer. Talent is a beautiful thing, I’m so grateful that I get to experience it in different ways: the beauty of music and the majesty of nature all in one night. Precious.



Can we even go on any longer without talking about hair? We can’t. So my next favorite thing is actually been my favorite shampoo for quite some time now, it’s Dorian Grey by Lush Cosmetics. The thing that I like the most about it is the smell, lemon and violet….God, it makes me go nuts, it’s like a drug. Dorian Grey is purple shampoo that it’s supposed to be used by blondes to get rid of coppery-yellowy reflexes which aren’t nice. It is made of all natural ingredients like all of Lush’s products, but the lemon contained in this shampoo makes it very drying so you need to be careful and use it once in a while, maybe mixed with another hydrating shampoo, you’ll still be able to smell the sent in your hair afterwards. The toning effect is nice, if your hair tends to turn yellow give it a try and if you’re following the latest trend “granny hair” and you have silver locks, this must be good for you too! Being all natural it doesn’t make almost any foam, so please note that you only need a tiny amount, don’t use a bottle at a time only because you don’t see foam. Don’t forget to use a good conditioner too, who wants perfectly smelling hair that looks and feels like straw?


I love a good glass of ice cold sparkly water. I drink a lot during the day and when I’m not home I always try to carry a little bottle with me. I would typically use normal plastic bottles, but they get messed up pretty quickly when carried inside a bag and always getting new ones doesn’t feel very ecologic, so for some time I’ve been meaning to buy one of those nice glass portable bottles, but I always feared they could break into a million pieces in my full bag. I was very pleased when, strolling around the shelves of Ikea, I spotted this bottle, just what I needed! As Ikea says: “You don’t risk any spillage, as the bottle is leakproof. Can be refilled and used time after time, making it kind to the environment.”. Perfect!


As I’m sure I told you before, I’m a crazy Tv show junkie and I’m always looking for new stuff to watch, even if I’m busy I make time to watch an episode or two before sleep. This month I watched Wayward Pines. I had heard all sorts of different opinions about it and I was hooked by the adds, so I decided I had to watch it and I have to say that I enjoyed it. The plot has a few inconsistencies but it’s overall well orchestrated, making you wonder what everything is all about from start to end. Will there be a season two? I don’t know, but I could think of a couple of things that could happen.. we’ll see!


This app is the bomb! It makes creating gifs so easy that you won’t be able to resist. You can see I’ve used it above in the Dorian Gray part of the post, and I would have never done it if it meant to use photoshop to unite a bunch of photos, but with this app it’s quick and fun! For example you can turn your videos into gifs which you can use as funny “emoticons” on Facebook Messenger, I couldn’t stop laughing with some of them! Try it and let me know if it isn’t fun, you can also post your creations here, so I can see them 🙂

That’s all for August my friends, I’ll see you soon!
Take care,