Boy did we have fun!

It’s a wrap! Ancient Bards played as supporting act on the last 3 shows of LT’s Rhapsody’s Prometheus Cinematic Tour together with Temperance and it was AMAZING!
We really enjoyed all the shows and felt so much energy coming from the audience! We are all glad we had the chance to see again some old friends and meet new ones, the love we receive from our fans is priceless.
In bologna I even received a bunch of flowers as a gift for my recent graduation, how sweet is that?


Here are some sleepless but happy faces:

IMG_0042 IMG_0050 IMG_0047

We had a great time at all the gigs, but Milan was really special as it was the last concert of the tour so we got to get a little crazy and “stage bomb” everyone. You know for everyone who grew up listening to Emerald Sword as a teenager it was pretty awesome to be able to stand on the stage and sing with Rhapsody themselves! Such a fun and epic moment, simply glorious!
See it for yourself:

I’m also glad I got to hang out with Temperance, Chiara (such a sweet and friendly lady <3 ) and, of course, Alle Conti (Trick of Treat’s new album Rabbit’s Hill pt.2 will be out soon I can assure you it’s going to be fantastic!).

I’d like to thank everyone who showed up at the gigs, you helped us building great memories we will keep in our hearts forever!

Take care,