Where the hell is Ancient Bards?

We’re alive

Hello everyone,
It’s been quite some time. Ancient Bards played their last show almost 1 year ago, on November 26th, and then kinda vanished. What happened?

Well, life happened.

I’m not going to tell you in detail what happened to each of us, ‘cause I’m not writing this to complain or to raise anyone’s compassion, this is just an overdue update. You know how it is: music can’t be our main focus, we have to put our actual jobs, our families, and our health first.

We’ve worked hard for 10 years, putting every dime and every drop of spare time we had in this project: Ancient Bards slowly grew more and more and right in the moment our career needed that extra push to try to take flight, we found ourselves without resources. We kinda reached the highest peak of our career – so far – in the exact moment things in our personal life started to fall apart. Some of us had a lot on their plate and needed to turn their attention to what was more urgent.

However we were aware it was just a phase and, although we didn’t know how long it would last, we kept on working on Ancient Bards in any way we could, writing stuff whenever the gift of time met the gift of inspiration.

Let me just say we are overwhelmed by all the messages we receive from people asking when the new album will be out. Your eagerness for new stuff is awesome and makes us so proud! Thank you so much!
We always answer to those messages with “the new album is in the making!” and it is the absolute truth: it’s taking time, but it’s coming and it’s going to sound great!

We’re all ok now and back on track. We want to reward your patience by giving you the best of us, an album that is worth the wait. So bear with us and we’re all going to see the light!

You’ll be hearing from Ancient Bards soon, we can’t wait!