Being Born on Saint Valentine’s Day

The birthday girl

It keeps happening, I keep aging! Today is my birthday and, although I know I don’t look a day over 18, I am actually 32! 😛 I was born on Saint Valentine’s day and, to be honest, I’ve never had a problem with it, I’ve always liked the idea of coming to the world on a somewhat special day. There are many other Saint Valentine’s babies that don’t feel the same way I do.


I have to admit though that being born today can have its downsides. Let me explain what I mean:

1. Friends are always busy with their partners

When I was a kid, this wasn’t too much of a problem. It was actually cool being born during carnival (most of the times), I could host super cool costume parties! Growing up though, my friends started having boyfriends and girlfriends and it became impossible to have them celebrating me. Eventually, I even lost interest in celebrating my birthday. I don’t know why, but I feel like inviting people to my birthday is a request for attention I don’t think I necessarily deserve.

2. It’s not my day, it’s love’s day

Everyone attributes this day to hearts, chocolates, and love. Every girl is special today. Hello! I am more special people, it’s my birthday!
And how many texts and cards have I received that said “happy Saint Valentine’s day”? Who cares? IT’S MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY, if you love me you know it. I mean, if you think about it, the deal is much better for those born on Christmas day, at least everyone gets distracted by an actual holiday. Am I right?

3. When you’re single it’s loneliness2

Being single on Saint Valentine’s day or your birthday is no fun, but when Saint Valentine’s day IS your birthday… well, it’s loneliness2.
Everyone else is holding hands and canoodling you’re at home eating the ice cream cake your parents bought you. Laaaaame! I’ve always kept a positive attitude about this though, I was like:
“ok I’m horribly alone, but at least it’s my birthday! Whohoooo!”
And this comes from a girl who’s been dumped on her birthday too, which I’m gonna remind you once again it’s on Saint Valentine’s day. That’s right, and if that wasn’t enough, let me also tell you that it was done on the phone (to be fair, he called me the day before, but I don’t think this detail changes anything). So trust me, I know a few things about heartbreak!

4. Dinner reservation is tricky

All the restaurants are jam-packed and finding a table can be a real challenge. When you finally find a place you have to deal with helium inflated balloons all over the room, mushy heart-filled menus and rose petals desserts. Luckily, the only two requirements to meet my ideal romantic dinner are having my love by my side and a good pizza. That’s all.

My 32th biryhday

Who am I kidding, I love being born on February 14th! It feels special, even if it’s just a day like another. One can’t really complain about their birth date anyway, what’s better than being born?? Plus, I received the best gift ever this year and I could not be happier <3

If you were born today leave me a comment below because I wanna wish you a happy birthday! And for all of you non-Valentine’s babies, Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!