4 Inspiring Ted Talks for Musicians

Ted (the acronym for Technology Entertainment Design) is a media organization founded in 1984 that hosts talks about technology, design, science, culture, and various academic topics. I’m a big fan of these talks because they are always held by smart and insightful professionals and I find it interesting to discover these amazing people’s point of view, it is so instructive and inspiring!

Every talk is about 20 minutes long, so maybe don’t go through this post all in one take! If you have the time, though, watch all the videos, they are really great and I’m sure a lot of things they say will resonate with you. So without further ado, here’s the list of my 4 top picks for musicians:

1. Victor Wooten – Music as a Language

2. Claudio – How to Translate the Feeling Into Sound

3. Evelyn Glennie – How to Truly Listen

4. Sting – How I Started Writing Songs Again