Ancient Bards Crowdfunding Blast

Hooray! Our Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo is live and the support it’s getting is absolutely out of this world!
We knew we could count on our loyal fans, but we didn’t expect for them to be so generous, backing our campaign and even making donations without taking a perk in return!

After just a couple of days, we are incredibly close to our first goal, and every donation gets us more grateful and excited!
We keep thinking about all the opportunities that will unlock if we reach our stretch goals: we would be able to finally release two amazing live videos and we would have some more room to make everything else even better. What a dream!

What do you think about our pitch video? Epic, uh? It was a beautiful day when we shot the outdoors scenes with the amazing Matteo Ermeti, we hadn’t been filming in a while and it felt so good being together again! I have some pretty good memories of that day.

If you want to join us on this epic adventure and help us bring our music to you click here. Share the word and together we can make great things!

Thank you, everybody, to the backers and to anyone who simply clicked on “share this campaign”: any type of support is deeply appreciated.

Stay tuned in Ancient Bards channels because soon the Album Artwork will be officially revealed!

See you in the Knighthood friends!