New Ancient Bards Single: Fantasy’s Wings

Only 2 weeks left to the release of Origine and today we presented a new single, Fantasy’s Wings!
I’m very fond of the chorus of this track, especially the last one with the choir and the backups…. it makes me happy! 
It hasn’t been easy to choose singles from Origine. I feel like this album is a very complex organism where every song is different but deeply intertwined with the others, both storywise and music-wise. Fantasy’s Wings is a very particular track, which to many people might make a lot more sense when inserted in the context of the story (Which reminds me I should finish writing down the episodes from A New Dawn Ending here on the blog before the new season pops out!).
What do you guys think? Do you enjoy these more folky tunes?

I’m also happy to announce that we’ll be back in the UK, headlining the Power Metal Quest Fest in Birmingham on September 28th! It’ll be awesome, we had a great time last time we’ve been there and we can’t wait to make some more amazing memories!

 Ancient Bards - Headliners of Power Metal Quest Fest 2019

Will I see you there? I hope so.

If you want to pre-order Origine, you can do so by visiting our web store. The release in the US is planned to be on February 22nd, but ordering from our shop will get you your copy sooner! 🙂

Til next time!


Listen to Fantasy’s Wings on Spotify