Light Video Clip: Behind The Scenes Photos

Unfortunately, I don’t have many behind the scenes pictures of Light’s video because it was shot under very particular conditions and it was a lot of work, so there’s was not much time to document what was going on, especially the dancer’s part of the video.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the shooting of Light is the extreme cold I felt in both scenarios. In the lightbox, I had super watery eyes and my left eye wept weeping like there was no tomorrow. I had to constantly fix my make up because it kept melting, I had black eyes and black tear trails down my cheek. Sh*t happens, right? All glitches aside, I’m quite happy with how everything turned out! What do you think?

Let’s start with the making of the beautiful lightbox, entirely made by Matteo Ermeti and his minions. This is a fun timelapse (see if you can spot me between the minions at some point).

In the following pictures there more from the lightbox set and some shots from the beach. We woke up at 5 and went to the beach while it was still pitch dark (and -1 degree Celsius) to make sure we didn’t miss the beautiful break of day. We were given the gift of the most stunning sunrise that day!

If you guys like to see this kind of pictures,  please let me know in the comments below so from now on I will remember to take more of them (and of better quality).
That’s all for today folks!

Take care,