Origine – Your Questions Answered!

Origine was released on January 25th and, a month later, we asked our fans to shoot us some questions on Facebook and Instagram. We were all very curious to see what kind of things people were wondering about and we were surprised to see how many questions we got.

I couldn’t help but notice there is a certain interest in the future of the saga, which I like! Some questions were so spot on I couldn’t even answer without giving away huge spoilers! As you will see from the video, there is much that I don’t know myself because Daniele keeps a certain level of secrecy around the plot of the Saga, God knows why! Maybe he’s just mean 😄

If you are a bit curious yourself, check out the video I made where I try my best to answer to everyone. It’s somewhat on the longer side (and slightly out of focus?), but hopefully, you will find it interesting.

This was the first time I ever sat in front of a camera and just talked randomly, so be patient with me!
If you have any question feel free to ask here in the comments and I will gladly reply.

Relax, sit back and enjoy!

Take care,