Hello September! My Summer Summary

Hello everyone!
Were you wondering where the heck I was? This is a little update on “some things Sara”. Read on!

This is basically a stream of consciousness so don’t expect too much cohesion in the writing 😁

I know, I’ve been MIA for a long long time, and I know my presence has always been somewhat intermittent anyway, so… big deal! Besides some personal issues that I don’t find appropriate to talk about publicly, I’ve been fully absorbed by work, and by work I mean little to nothing related to music, unfortunately. The good news is that September is here and I will have a bit more time to dedicate to music and this blog, which I love so much.

I have so many things on my do-to list it’s not even funny. I am greatly, deeply ashamed to say I still haven’t finished recording the covers that were asked of me from Ancient Bards’ crowdfunding campaign. I completed a few, but I hate how they turned out! Too much time has passed and I don’t want to deliver anything that is less than SUPER. Not perfect, but super. I mean, I really wanna do my best and show sides of me people don’t usually hear in Ancient Bards. If anyone still waiting for their cover is reading this, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I know it looks like I’ve been piling up excuses but I assure you I haven’t and I will deliver soon. I WILL. SOON. With a couple more surprises to make it up to you.

Have you heard about Prog Power 2019? That was a super bummer 😣
For those of you who didn’t know, Ancient Bards was supposed to play at PP USA like, tomorrow! But the visa approval took so long we couldn’t complete the process in time. We did everything we could do and the guys at PP were great. We tried everything to make it work but it was all in vain, resulting in a considerable waste of money on everyone’s part. I was so ready to visit Atlanta!

On top of that, the Paris show was canceled for reasons that are still pretty obscure to me, I guess it was a matter of ticket sales. I was surprised because no other gig like the one in Paris has ever prompted so many people to send us messages to tell us how happy they were we were playing there and that they already bought their ticket. I was like “wow, this show is gonna be cool!”. But apparently… NOT.
Dear Paris, this is not over, we love you and we will play in you, one way or another.

Needless to say, even canceled shows like these two take up a lot of time and effort so you know that’s part of what I’ve been doing lately, even though the greater work was taken on by Martino.

The shows we did play though were great! The support we got was spectacular ❀️
I always kinda forget how familiar and easy it is to sing on stage, no matter how big or small.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately on how I’m letting a side of me fade away. It’s scary, really. I’m not gonna go into much detail because it’s something that would require a whole other blog post, but I realized that my behavior towards music has changed a lot. Did I simply grow up? Or am I letting my real self on the shelf? I don’t know. If you want me to elaborate on this let me know in the comments, I might just write that whole other blog post.

Meanwhile, I have some ideas swirling inside my head, as soon as I’m done with all my backlog, I will start putting them into practice (I WILL – this is my trying the power of manifestation, will it work? We’ll see), so keep around, will you? I’m gonna need people to tell stuff to, you know.

June was a wedding month! I attended 3, in the only 3 free days I hadΒ (Yes, Sara, enough of this, we get it, you were busy πŸ™„).
I enjoyed those days very much, it was such a blessing to see the love sparkle in happiness in the eyes of the brides and grooms. And yes, I kinda indulged on the Prosecco too – hey, I never drink, let me party!

Wedding Celebration
Imagine “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang in the background

I took some time to edit a few pictures I took in May on my Dolomites weekend. I’ll add a little gallery if you’re interested in seeing some views of those beautiful mountains which are a World Unesco Heritage site. I’m not a photographer by any means, I just like to take pictures and play with them, hopefully, I’ll get better with time 😊

Here, be impressed:

So, I hope you could find any of this remotely interesting (could you?) and I think this is all for today. Chat soon dear friends!

Take care,