Quarantine Covers!

As you know, Italy has been quarantined for many days now. Given the huge amount of time on my hands, I decided that I wanted to learn how to properly record my self on my own at home.

I’ve always had kind of a hard time recording my self, I don’t have fancy equipment and I find it hard to concentrate on the singing if I also have to hit rec and stop, moving away from the microphone. The most difficult thing for me though is mixing the tracks to make them sound nice… I’m pretty bad at it but I guess you just don’t wake up one day being a sound engineer, right? Everything takes practice!

So here they are, the two tracks I recorded from the isolation of the quarantine. Please let me know if you enjoy listening to the songs because if you do I will keep on releasing new videos (maybe consider subscribing to my channel?). Oh, and suggestions for covers are accepted too!

Almeno Tu nell’Universo

A lot of you guys seem particularly fond of the Italian parts in Ancient Bards’ songs so I thought I would present you an Italian song, one of my all-time favorites: “Almeno Tu Nell’Universo” by Mia Martini (1989).  This is my tribute to Mia and to my incredibly beautiful country 🇮🇹 which is facing a terrible, terrible time.
Tip: turn on closed captions to see a translation of the lyrics in English

Tears in Heaven

The quarantine continues and the more it goes on the more suffering I see. I decided to record Tears In Heaven in honor of all of those who lost loved ones.
My heart’s with you, stay strong ❤️

Please, be safe out there!
See you when all the madness is over.