Undo my Sad

It’s time for another cover! I know, my schedule is all over the place, but if you guys show interest in these kinds of things I will be more consistent, so pleas let me know if you are!

I sang this song once during an Instagram Live stream (if I remember correctly) and I guess people really liked it because I received a lot of requests for an official cover. Sanna Nielsen is not an artist my average follower knows (except for my Swedish friends!) and I have to admit I had never heard of her before I saw her perform this song at Eurovision Song Contest back in 2014.

I posted a Swedish flag on IG and FB asking for people to guess the title of the new cover and only one got it! I hope those who hoped for Amaranthe, Sabaton, Abba, etc. won’t be disappointed!

I’m thinking about a poll for the next cover… any suggestions?