This heartless soul waits for you adagio

I’m back with another cover and it’s a very meaningful one for me and I’ll tell you why.

I know some of you might think: “Hey, Floor covered this same song very recently, what is this??”. I assure you this is not an attempt at “challenging” her or promoting comparisons. I love Floor and I would never dare to question her astonishing talent at any level, and I especially do not have the presumption of being better than anyone. Maybe this preamble was unnecessary because you know me and how I’m like, but I just wanted to get it out of the way, just to be clear.

As I mentioned in an Instagram story a while ago, I had already recorded this song when Floor released her version. Let me explain.

Adagio by Lara Fabian is my father’s favorite song (at least his favorite song to hear me sing). Back in October, we were both battling the damn Covid19. As you know, I got through it facing light – but very annoying – symptoms, but my dad was very seriuosly affected and spent 3 weeks in the ICU.

I’ll spare you the details on the anguish of those days – even because I really don’t want to think about it right now – the point is that I wanted to record a song to cheers up my father whenever he got better. Adagio isn’t exactly a cheery song, but he really likes it and I knew he would have loved it.

So I swayed to my mic and recorded the song. Everything was ok at the beginning, but then I slowly realized that I was way too sick to handle the ending part! It didn’t occur to me at first that I had chosen, like, the most difficult song anyone could think of. It’s already super hard when I’m in shape, what made me think I could sing it with my respiratory system in that huge mess? I guess Covid19 makes you a bit dumb too. 😅

The song remained unfinished, but thankfully my dad made it through the illness like a champ and started his recovery.

I let myself heal, and it took 3 months to go back to being the usual Sara. After a couple of weeks of vocal recovery and exercises, I finished the song and that’s when Floor’s popped up.

Oh, did I mention mine is in its Italian version? I guess that’s a big difference 😂

I really put in the work, so even if it’s not perfect I want to release it anyway so I can kinda close the chapter. I know my dad will be proud and happy to be finally able to listen to it whenever he wants! Plus, there’s some of you who asked for this cover too, so there you go!

My dear friends, I really hope you enjoy the song and, if you do, please leave a comment and subscribe to my channel, so I know if I should post more often.

The Italian lyrics are just slightly different from the English ones, if. you’re interested here’s a literal translation:

I don’t know where to find you
I don’t know how to look for you
But I hear a voice that
in the wind speaks about you
this heartless soul
waits for you

The skinless nights
the starless dreams
Images of your face
suddenly passing through
make me still hope
that I’ll find you

I close my eyes and I see you
I find the way that
takes me away
from agony
I feel beating in me
this music
I invented for you

If you know how to find me
if you know where to look for me
hug me with your mind
the sun seems out to me
light your name in the sky
Tell me you’re here
what I would like
is living in you

The sun seems out to me
hug me with your mind
Lost without you
Tell me who you are
and I’ll believe you
music is what you are


Have a great day!