The Purge – Within Temptation cover

I’m extra happy that I launched my Patreon project with this song because I had the best time recording it.

I really can’t explain what made it so fun and refreshing for me. What i can tell you is that it helped me re-discover the roots, the pure joy of singing in a “recording environment”.

For me singing live was always better, I didn’t feel comfortable in the recording booth: the way you experience your voice through the headphones is much much different from how you perceive it when it’s coming from all around, through your ears and your body too.

Just like everything in life though, recording in the studio is a skill that needs to be acquired with practice and dedication, and even though I’ve been in studios since I was a child, it’s only lately that I started getting used to the different feeling and appreciating the freedom and all the discoveries you make when you record yourself more frequently and at your own pace.

I was thrilled at every line when laying down The Purge and listening to the original song to find all the little ad libs and details was interesting, educating and fun!

I hope you enjoy listening to this one ad much as I enjoyed tracking it <3