Storytime — Nightwish cover

Double release this month! My June cover is here and it follows a very well-received Patreon Exclusive: I feel so blessed and empowered these days thanks to my wonderful Star Club ⭐

June Cover: Storytime

This was another fun moment for me. The energy and mystery in this track are intense, and while I love my ballads and sad songs, I find myself enjoying these kind of tunes more and more. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Patreon Exclusive teaser: It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Yes, another Celine Dion song. This one I recorded as a sort of tribute to its writer, the late Jim Steinman. A while ago I hade recorded another song written by him for Meat Loaf, which I’m gonna share with my Patrons soon.

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Take care!