Sara Squadrani

Hello! My name is Sara and I am the blonde behind the microphone of the Italian Symphonic Epic Metal band Ancient Bards. I have a wild love for singing, it sets my spirit free in the most beautiful way, and I’ve been doing it my whole life. I was only 4 years old when I stepped on a stage for the first time and I haven’t been able to get off ever since. Before joining Ancient Bards in 2009 I sang in many choirs, in my first band (Stay Jam), and I also was a performer of Gam Gam when I was a kid (remember the ’90s song?). I’m a wide-eared wanderer who easily gets lost in the music, I have an actual reverential love for it, with no genre distinction.

I am the type of girl who’s made of opposites, Nietzsche’s Apollonian and Dionysian dichotomy always resonated with me pretty well. I get extremely influenced by my feelings, but I’m the least impulsive person you’ll ever meet. I graduated from Alma Mater Studiorum (University of Bologna) in Building Engineering and Architecture. Couldn’t I just have been an engineer? Couldn’t I just have been an architect? No, I had to be the geek AND the artist!

As if my academic studies weren’t hard enough I had to follow my heart and go make records and concerts. There’s an urge inside me that drives me to sing, and it’s really something that I can’t explain, something that I tried to repress for a while too, but without success. I’m glad I followed my instinct because doing so brought me the greatest satisfaction of my life. I got to work with amazing musicians (that I am lucky to call friends too), to meet lots of incredible artists, to release three records distributed worldwide, to build a loyal and super supportive fan base and I had the honor of collaborating with crazy awesome artists like Arjen Lucassen.

I’m eager to see where my passion will take me, and giving this blog a makeover is step one for my new commitment to my too much neglected artistic side. I’ve always been fascinated by telling and publishing stories, as a matter of fact, I gave life to a few other blogs before this one. When I opened this blog in 2013 (then hosted on, I called it All Things Sara because I wanted it to be a place where I could be completely myself and talk about all the different things I’m interested in, with no limitations to one specific niche. I wanted to be free to talk about my experience in music, singing, beauty, makeup, travel, architecture and design.

Proud moments

(compiling in progress)
– Graduating in Building Engineering and Architecture while making music
– Singing at Wacken
– Singing on stage with Anneke Van Giersbegen and Arjen Lucassen
– Making it to the “Top 10 Female singers in prog rock, metal & around” on Prog Shere
– Running a successful Crowdfunding Campaign for AB’s latest album


– Arjen Lucassen – The Theory of Everything (Buy)
– Trick or Treat – Rabbit’s Hill pt 2 (Buy)
– Trick or Treat – Re-animated (Buy)