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TBCSS: S03E01 – Before The Storm

Previously on The Black Crystal Sword Saga

Shena, Alron and Rahed are defeated, heavily wounded, they don’t have the strength to get back up and keep fighting. Sendor takes the time to try and finally use the magic Sword to reunite his son’s soul with his body. He tries and tries again, he pronouces the spell, he waves the sword in the air but nothing, Dorus is still just a puppet, he’s still the empty body he extracted from the grave, no sign of Surod’s heart in his eyes. The disappointment and delusion together with the power of the sword make Sendor lose himself to rage, after realizing there is nothing left to do, that his dream will never ever become reality he lets anger take him over and runs towards the kings to take it out on their poor bodies. It’s in that exact moment that a window crushes revealing Daltor riding the Black Dragon, he enters the castle and confronts Sendor in a duel. A long and intense battle is about to begin!

Before the Storm

Sendor on one side, Daltor on the other.
Panting they look at each other, they study each other, they study themselves.
From this moment on they win or they lose, they live or they die.
Disappointment and madness on one side, thirst for justice and revenge on the other.


[Storyteller] “The world seems to hold its breath anticipating what is to come. The quietness only broken by the rattling of battle weary lungs pressed to the ground. Barely perceivable to most, they roar loud as thunder in the minds of the two combatants, as they prepare for the crucial battle.”

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  • Credits
– Guidelines written by Sara Squadrani
The Black Crystal Sword Saga written by Daniele Mazza
– All Lyrics used by kind permission of Limb Music Publishing, Germany.
All Rights reserved.